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The Final Frontier

Imagine the excitement of being in that Los Altos garage with Jobs and Wozniak in 1976. Setting out to accomplish what had never been done before.

Or in Bellevue, WA, with Jeff Bezos when he narrowed his list of products that he felt were most promising to market online to one: Books.

Though we’ve outgrown the garage, has its sights set on something just as revolutionary as Apple and Amazon. There is a $26 trillion industry that is virtually ignored in the online space today. It is the single largest sector of commerce in the world and we are taking it on. Online.

Are you looking to be a part of something huge? To get in on the ground floor of a global perspective shift?  Do you think the world is ready to buy and sell real estate online? At auction? doesn’t just think so…we’re making it happen. is the world’s largest online real estate marketplace and the revolutionary online auction platform we developed is forever changing the way real estate is bought and sold around the globe.

Last year, due to our marketing savvy and technological expertise, we conducted over 2,600 real-time auctions, sold over 25,000 real estate assets and conducted our first European auction, in Germany. The majority of our auctions are held online where registered bidders vie against each other for everything from skyscrapers and luxury homes to foreclosures and short sales. Our talented crew of techies, webheads, engineers, UX geniuses, graphic artists, production professionals, media buyers and marketers, to name a few, are changing the world.

What about you? Are you a world changer? A revolutionary ready for the front lines?

We are growing the real estate ecommerce team of the future. So if you’re an innovator, world-class in your field and are up for some serious adventure, we want you.

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