Macroeconomic and Market Overviews Research is a premier source of regional economic, real estate, residential, construction and building products analysis. We provide strategic advice that helps our clients achieve their business and investment goals. Our research reports and tailored analysis have provided our clients with advice and solutions for their unique needs.

Led by Peter Muoio, Ph.D., Research has significant economic and market research experience, with over 20 years in the industry. We focus on being responsive, providing unique, high-quality analysis and viewpoints, in order to help our clients develop and meet their own specific goals. Our depth of knowledge and high-quality analysis enables us to develop strong relationships with our clients.

Monthly Employment Monitors

The below Monthly Employment Monitor and Monthly Employment Sectors Report are designed to give an idea of how the economy is performing regionally and across industry sectors. They provide insight into the breadth of economic growth or contraction. These reports are offered for free and will be updated monthly.

 Monthly Employment Monitor

The Monthly Employment Monitor analyzes the recent dynamics in job growth and economic performance of the top 52 US metros with the goal of isolating trend shifts and metros that are outperforming or lagging the US economic environment. It includes the Maximus Advisors Metro Acceleration Index, which measures the depth of economic growth or contraction across the major markets in a single indicator.

 Monthly Employment Sectors Report

The Monthly Employment Sectors Report uses a different lens to analyze the growth dynamics across the country, focusing on growth across sectors of the US economy. It provides a scope to the breadth of an economic expansion or contraction and helps isolate markets that could benefit or flounder due to performance of certain economic sectors. This report includes the Maximus Advisors Employment Acceleration Index, which is a gauge of the depth of growth or contraction across US industries.

Report Descriptions

The free reports below are samples of previous research that offer forecasts and far more in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic and regional landscape as well the impact of the economic situation on various property segments.

 Metro Economy and Property Ratings (MEPR)

The Metro Economy and Property Ratings is our flagship bi-annual report, which provides our analysis and outlook on the macro economy, the office, retail, industrial, apartment and single-family segments and the top 50 major US metro's local economies and property segments.

 Quarterly Update

In the intervening quarters between MEPR releases, our Quarterly Update is published. This provides a review of the US economy and capital markets, overall US commercial property segment conditions and how the major markets are faring.

 Quarterly Hotel Monitor

The Quarterly Hotel Monitor is our quarterly overview of the key economic drivers of the hospitality sector, hospitality-specific dynamics and capital markets trends. It includes analysis and rating of the largest 50 US hospitality markets.

 US Construction Situation and Outlook

The US Construction Situation and Outlook is produced quarterly and offers timely analysis and reliable forecasts of construction activity. The report focuses on homebuilding and remodeling in addition to covering commercial, institutional and infrastructure construction trends.

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