Investor Opportunity!
$50 Million Non-Performing and Performing Residential Loan Auction

BID ONLINE: December 9-11

5 Pools of Non-Performing Loans Secured by New York Properties
1 Non-Performing Loan Pool Secured by Florida Properties
Nationwide Performing and Non-Performing Pools

See How It Works:

Non-Performing Loans Auction, another unique investment opportunity brought to you by


Typically, non-performing residential loans are sold in large portfolios, in quantities and prices that are out of reach of all but the largest investors.

THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. has broken these large portfolios into smaller pools of 2 to 10 loans, making residential non-performing loans accessible to smaller investors.


See these pools on our website, read the property information, then register to bid on our online auctions.


You’re now able to acquire these lucrative loans without having to be a large financial institution.

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