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single wide mobile home auction
Current Bid Reserve Not Met
Bid Increment:: $5,000
Next Bid Amount: $25,000
Item#: 16003
1445 LEADMINE RD Gaffney, SC 29340
3 Beds, 2 Baths

A mobile home is a type of prefabricated living quarter that is manufactured in a factory rather than constructed on any given piece of land. Once they are manufactured, they are transported via tractor trailer into the area which they are to be sold. In most areas, these mobile homes are used as a temporary living quarter during outdoor excursions such as camping or hiking. For this reason, they are a highly desirable commodity for individuals that like to travel or spend time in the outdoors. There are some areas that house large numbers of these mobile homes in makeshift communities; however, these are not traditionally the primary use of mobile homes.

Mobile home auctions are some of the most popular auctions in the world. This is because mobile homes are so versatile; they are wanted by many different kinds of people. Many people chose to sell their mobile homes at these auctions, however, because they find that they do not use them as often as they would like. For the bidders at the auctions, however, more commitment to the leisurely pastime of camping is taken, so mobile homes can sell for well over their actual listing price.

Mobile home auctions often take place during what is known as a mobile home show. For these shows, hundreds of mobile homes of every make, size and shape are brought together in a large lot or a building like a warehouse or a showroom. People are able to go in these mobile homes and view the features of them first hand. These shows are not only great retail possibilities, but they are also social events, even for those individuals that have no intention of purchasing a mobile home for themselves.

During a certain period of time during these mobile home shows, the auction will take place. For these auctions, an auctioneer will stand in front of the bidders, usually near the mobile home that is to be sold, and mediates as the bidders place slowly successive bids on the mobile home. Once the peak bid is made, that last bidder is then awarded with the mobile home. The reason these auctions are so popular is that a good mobile home can potentially be sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars under its listing price. So a mobile home auction is a great place to make a deal.

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