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Whether you’re a savvy investor or a first time homebuyer, you can use our easy-to-navigate
process to get a great deal on your next home purchase.

How It Works
Search the world’s largest portfolio of home auctions. Find the exact home (or homes) that match your criteria.
Create your free account. You can save searches, get alerts, note favorites, and ultimately buy all on our site.
Research the deal with information that only Auction offers for free (like preliminary title reports and Broker's Price Opinion). You can also get pre-qualified for a home loan.
View the home at an Open House. Note: you cannot visit an Occupied house before you own it.
Register to bid on the home during the online auction. A deposit of $2,500 is held to ensure only serious bidders participate.
Make sure you understand the specific terms and conditions associated with any home you plan to bid on. For example, if the home says “Occupied” on its picture, the winning bidder is responsible for dealing with the current occupants.
Place your bid with the click of a mouse.
Follow bidding activity in
real-time on your screen. If you are outbid, you can re-bid as many times as you want and, with, you always have the opportunity to make the final bid. will contact you in less than a day to congratulate you and arrange the details of closing. Your representative will walk you through the process in as much detail as you like.
Sign the purchase contract and receive a signed copy back from the seller.
Post your earnest money deposit (5% of the winning bid), and either proof of funds (such as W2s, pay stubs or previous year tax returns) if you are paying cash, or your loan commitment letter if you are financing the purchase.
Get the keys and
Enjoy your new Home!
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