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LOCKPORT, Illinois 60441


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Single Family
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Occupied: Do not disturb occupants. Trespassing is a criminal offense. Why bid on occupied properties?
Cash Only
Conventional financing is NOT accepted for this property. What should I bring?
Foreclosure Contact Info
Codilis & Associates PC
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This in-person auction will be conducted by a third party at a county location. Learn More.

Due Diligence

Educate yourself before you bid. Learn how to perform due diligence.
Review Property Information
Check out third party reports on property condition, market value and neighborhood info.
Examine Title and Liens
Reference the title document for information only. Check the property title and any possible liens on the property. Get a professional opinion for a full evaluation.
Title Insurance Paid by
Not Available
View Sales Documents
Review sample documents for details of Seller's terms and conditions and your rights as the buyer.
Prepare for Auction
Use this checklist to guide you on what to bring to the auction, like payment information, important documents and other items.
Note: Conventional financing cannot be used for this property.
Payment information: Generally, certified funds required with 10% deposit required at sale, and full balance due within 24 hours. Varying terms may be set by County, please reference public notice and/or contact County for more information. No Buyers Premium.
Government-issued ID (e.g., driver's license or passport)
Proof of funds in the form of cashier's checks in different denominations
Documentation if you're buying under a separate entity (e.g., LLC)
Save time at the auction: Download the app to get a QR code.

Top FAQs

How does a foreclosure auction work?

The foreclosure process starts when a homeowner stops paying their mortgage. The lender sends the homeowner a notice, giving them a period of time to pay, or the property goes to auction. The homeowner can take steps to either postpone or cancel the auction. At the auction, the bank won't bid more than the credit bid.

The purchaser at the auction is essentially paying off the mortgage and is responsible for any additional liens attached to the property. If no one bids above the credit bid, the property goes back to the bank. And, it becomes a real-estate owned (REO) property for sale.

Can I get inside or visit the property before the auction?

Interior access is not available for any property sold at a foreclosure auction. All foreclosed properties are sold as is, where is.

You'll need to estimate any repair or upgrade costs from a distance. Even if you think the home is vacant, treat it as occupied. These homes have not transferred ownership yet. So, walking on or entering the property is trespassing and a crime.

If I don't know how much the property will sell for, how do I know how much to bring?

All counties have different payment requirements. Some require the full amount of the winning bid at the sale. Others only need a deposit and the balance is due at a later date.

Generally, payment is required in the form of cashier's check at the auction. Be sure you know your maximum budget when preparing for the auction. Some investors bring multiple checks in different denominations. This allows them to get the payment as close to the bid as possible. If you bring more than the winning bid, you will be sent a check from the trustee for the difference.

Keep in mind you will only be able to bid up to the amount you brought. You will not be allowed to go to the bank for more funds.

I thought foreclosure properties are auctioned by the county. Why is involved in this sale?

Foreclosure properties are sold a couple different ways.

  1. In some states, is appointed by the foreclosure attorney to conduct the sale.
  2. In other states, the sale is done by a court-appointed official (usually the sheriff). often lists properties auctioned by the county. We do this to provide you with a wide range of options for your next investment.

Can I use financing to buy this property?

Most mortgage lenders want a property inspection or appraisal. So, they won't provide loans on occupied properties.

These properties are sold as-is and without interior access. You must pay the full amount with a cashier's check. Make sure you check the property page for specific details on fund requirements.

Some investors use other sources to get cashier's checks. These can include hard-money loans or lines of credit. But, to use one of these types of loans, the loan can't require property inspections or appraisals.

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