Completed - Reverted to Beneficiary

3798 NE 167TH ST 51

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Florida 33160


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Occupied: Do not disturb occupants. Trespassing is a criminal offense. Why bid on occupied properties?
Cash Only
Conventional financing is NOT accepted for this property. What should I bring?
Foreclosure Contact Info
Quintairos, Prieto, Wood and Boyer, P.A.
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This is an online auction conducted by a third party at the county website. Learn More

Due Diligence

Educate yourself before you bid. Learn how to perform due diligence.
Review Property Information
Check out third party reports on property condition, market value and neighborhood info.
Examine Title and Liens
Reference the title document for information only. Check the property title and any possible liens on the property. Get a professional opinion for a full evaluation.
Title Insurance Paid by
Not Available
View Sales Documents
Review sample documents for details of Seller's terms and conditions and your rights as the buyer.
Prepare for Auction
Use this checklist to guide you on what to bring to the auction, like payment information, important documents and other items.
Note: Conventional financing cannot be used for this property. All foreclosed properties are sold as is, where is.
Register on county site: You'll need to register for an auction directly on the county site. Provide the information that's requested and create a username and password.
Deposit: Florida counties require a deposit equal to 5% of your highest bid. The deposit will be due 1-5 days before the auction, depending on the county. Check the county website for details.
Payment Information: Counties typically require payment within 24 hours. Check your county website for types of payments accepted and when payment is required. Most counties accept wired funds and cashier's checks.
Documentation: If you're buying under a separate entity, you'll need specific documentation. Check the county website for specific information.

Top FAQs

Why was I sent to another website when I tried to bid?
Online foreclosure auctions are managed by each county and bidding takes place on individual county websites.
If the counties operate their own websites, why do I need to use provides a central location for information on foreclosure sales across the entire state. This gives you easy access to information you won't find anywhere else.
Do I have to register to bid separately for each county?
Usually, once you create your login account, you're ready to bid in most counties. Some counties may use a different foreclosure system than the other counties. Check the county website for more information.
How do I know which properties are auctioned in-person and which ones are auctioned online?
The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is to look at the property page. A label at the top of the page tells you if the property is available for an online auction on the county website or an in-person auction. In-person auctions show the address for where the sale will take place. Check the county website for updated information for the date, time and location of the auction.
Can I get inside or visit the property before the auction?

Interior access is not available for any property sold at a foreclosure auction. All foreclosed properties are sold as is, where is.

Even if you think the home is vacant, treat it as occupied. These homes have not transferred ownership yet. So, walking on or entering the property is trespassing and a crime.

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