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Single Family
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Occupied: Do not disturb occupants. Trespassing is a criminal offense. Why bid on occupied properties?
Buyer's Premium
Not Applicable
Winner will not be charged a Buyer's Premium for this property.
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This is an online auction conducted by Learn More.
Cash Only
Conventional financing is NOT accepted for this property. What should I bring?
Foreclosure Contact Info
Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss

Special Notes

Please read the Sale Terms and Conditions BEFORE you bid on this court ordered foreclosure sale. You shall not trespass on the property a... More »

Due Diligence

Educate yourself before you bid. Learn how to perform due diligence.
Review Property Information
Check out third party reports on property condition, market value and neighborhood info.
Examine Title and Liens
Reference the title document for information only. Check the property title and any possible liens on the property. Get a professional opinion for a full evaluation.
Title Insurance Paid by
Not Available
View Sales Documents
Review sample documents for details of Seller's terms and conditions and your rights as the buyer.
Prepare for Auction
Use this checklist to guide you on what to bring to the auction, like payment information, important documents and other items.
Note: This is a cash-only auction. Conventional financing cannot be used for this property.
Payment Information: Wire the sale deposit of $5,000 within 2 hours after the sale to the title company.
Pay the remaining balance on time. Balances on the purchase price must be paid within 30 days after the sale is confirmed by the court. If you don’t pay the remaining balance on time, the sale will be void and you may lose your sale deposit.
Pay all closing costs and those costs‚ allowances and taxes that aren’t covered by the proceeds of the sale. This is the buyer’s responsibility.
Pre-pay current taxes on the property prior to the confirmation of the sale. This is the buyer’s responsibility.
Bid on the property again The property may have a new auction start date (or provisional date) if the property does not sell the first time.
Provisional Sale Date: Jan 18, 02:00 pm GMT
Read the Sale Terms and Conditions and Top FAQs before you bid on court-ordered foreclosure properties.
Legal Info:
Ohio statute 2329.152(E)(3) requires that the title and closing company be chosen by and engaged by the Private Selling Officer for this transaction.
Private Selling Officer: Private Selling Officer: Christopher Roman | Ohio Auctioneer License #57199979379 | Ohio Real Estate Broker #BRKA.2005009236

Top FAQs

What is the difference between an in-person foreclosure sale and an online foreclosure sale?

Ohio offers two types of foreclosure sales:

  1. The sheriff runs in-person foreclosure sales, also known as a sheriff sale. These take place at the courthouse.
  2. A court-appointed private selling officer (PSO) conducts foreclosure sales.

The properties sold at these two types of auctions are all in the same stage of the foreclosure process. At both sales, a third-party bidder buys the property or it reverts to the lender. When it reverts, it becomes a real estate owned (REO) or bank-owned property. lists properties for auction at either of these sales.

How do I take part in an online foreclosure sale?

Registration is required for each property you wish to bid on in an online foreclosure sale. This simple process only requires a free account and a credit or debit card to place a bid deposit hold (usually $100). This hold is required to verify your identity and maintain the integrity of the auction. Your card will not be charged. The hold will be released after the auction is completed.

Once these steps are taken, you will be authorized to bid and may place a bid once the auction is opened. This hold is required to verify your identity and maintain the integrity of the auction. Your card will not be charged. The hold will be released after the auction is completed.

How do I know which Ohio properties on your site are being auctioned live and which ones are being auctioned online?
The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is to look at the property page. A label at the top of the page shows if the property is available for an online auction or an in-person auction. In-person auctions show the address for where the sale will take place.
Can I get inside or visit the property before the auction?

Interior access is not available for any property sold at a foreclosure auction. All foreclosed properties are sold as is, where is.

You'll need to estimate any repair or upgrade costs from a distance. Even if you think the home is vacant, treat it as occupied. These homes have not transferred ownership yet. So, walking on or entering the property is trespassing and a crime.

What happens if I am the highest bidder?

If you are the highest bidder at the end of an auction, here is what you need to know.

  1. Contract Information: You'll receive an email confirming you have the highest bid. You must provide important contracting information by filling out an online form. Preview the required information as a printable checklist. Submit the form within 1 business day
  2. Purchase Agreement: Once everything is verified, you'll receive the Purchase Agreement via DocuSign. Sign and return the document within 2 business days so the seller can review and sign.
  3. Proof of Funds: Provide a copy of your Proof of Funds by email within 2 business days.
  4. Earnest Money Deposit: Wire instructions are provided on the first page of the Purchase Agreement.

Unless otherwise specified, send your Earnest Money Deposit to the closing company within 2 business days. Send a copy of your confirmation receipt.

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