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You can find relevant information on the Property Details Page. For additional information, you can contact the County or Referee directly. Their information is provided on the Property Details Page.

These FAQs are being provided for educational or informational purposes only; they are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, whether legal, real estate or otherwise. The information provided is subject to change. It is recommended that prospective bidders seek professional advice and carefully review the County or Referee’s Terms of Sale and contact the County or Referee to fully understand the foreclosure process and foreclosure sales.

In New York, it is common for a referee to be appointed to serve as the Foreclosure Sales Agent (typically an attorney who ultimately conducts the foreclosure sale). The court will then order a Notice of Sale to be published in a newspaper and the referee to sell the property at auction. Please reference the published Notice of Sale for additional information. A foreclosure sale is conducted via a public sale that is open to all bidders. The Property is either sold to a third-party bidder at the event or to the beneficiary (Mortgagee, Bank or Lender). Please contact the appropriate County or Referee to request a copy of the bidding rules and review the sale process in detail.

The time and place of foreclosure sales are county specific. Please refer to the Property Details Page where you can find that information under the second labeled event details.

No, online bidding is not available for a foreclosure sale in New York.

Typically a 10% deposit is required to be paid at the time of the sale in the form of cash or certified check. Not all forms of payments may be accepted. Usually a certified check payable to the Referee indicated on the Notice of Sale is required. Be sure to reference the appropriate publication and terms of sale for specific payment requirements. See the Property Details Page for more information.

The sale of a Property may be cancelled or postponed for many reasons prior to the start of bidding at the sale. There is no guarantee that a particular Property will actually be brought to sale. Please reference any foreclosure notices or contact the County or Referee directly for specific information.

No, a buyer’s premium does not apply for these specific sale events.

Typically no. Many Properties will be sold “as is, where is,” with all faults and limitations. All prospective bidders are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence and investigate all matters relating to the Properties that they are interested in purchasing. It is recommended that you seek independent advice to perform your due diligence and to fully understand the foreclosure process and foreclosure sales in general prior to the sale. Doing your homework pays off! Some properties may have information provided by on the Property detail pages. It is your responsibility to do a title search and seek any needed advice from counsel prior to the sale. Please visit the appropriate County website or contact the County or Referee directly for specific Property and title information.

No, as these Properties can be occupied, prospective bidders may not trespass on the Property, disturb the occupants or contact the borrowers to obtain information about the Property. However, detailed Property information for some properties may be available for informational purposes only on the Property detail page at

Under most circumstances, the winning bidder will receive a deed after full funds are paid after the sale is complete. Please visit the appropriate County website or contact the County or Referee directly for specific deed information. A winning bidder must schedule a closing with a referee at which time a deed will be issued once the sale is closed.

Typically no. Please consult your real estate counsel or the County or Referee for specific details regarding any possible redemption period that could be imposed in New York.

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