Market Validation Program
  • What is the Market Validation Program™ service (MVP™)?
  • How does the Market Validation Program service work?
  • What are the potential benefits of this service?
  • Won’t this service lengthen the short sale process?
  • What does a Listing Agent do when there are conflicts between the local MLS rules and the requirements?
  • How is the listing agent identified in the online marketing that does?
  • Is the listing agent required to only use the forms presented by
  • How does involving affect both the buyer’s and seller’s agent’s commissions?
  • Will this service make it more likely that potential buyers will walk away from offers they make?
  • Can a buyer’s agent register and be identified after their buyer registers with
  • What happens to the commissions that the original buyer’s agent would have received?
  • Does the starting bid price reflect the value of the property? If the starting bid price is less than the existing offer, does that mean the property can be sold to another buyer for less than the existing offer?

If you have questions about the Market Validation Program service, please contact us at 800-807-0144 or