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welcome to the vip program

Our exclusive VIP program offers seasoned investors valuable benefits that can save money, time and provide knowledge to help investors make smarter investments.

  • Enjoy the convenience of personalized service
  • Stay ahead with property forecasts, price reduction alerts, and more
  • Become better informed by attending VIP events with our executive team
  • Save money by foregoing bid deposits on select properties


The program offers extensive benefits, including Sales Consultants to assist you, deposit waivers on select properties and exclusive VIP events.

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Membership is reserved for active investors who purchase at least two properties worth $250K within 12 months.

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best practices

Our best practices and guidelines are essential to the well-being of the VIP program.

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For more information about our VIP Program, call Customer Care at (800) 793-6107 or send an email to

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re working on enhancing our customer loyalty program. Please stay tuned for a much better experience.

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