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Traditional disposition strategies result in negative impacts that are counter to the housing and mortgage industry’s central mission to promote home ownership. Our alternative approach creates an auction marketplace with millions of buyers vying for the opportunity to invest in distressed homes. Results for institutions include increased sales, higher net returns and measurable risk mitigation.


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Auction.com delivers a revolutionary approach powered by the integration of our disposition programs, innovative marketing engine, auction marketplace and data intelligence.

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Disposition Programs

Our disposition programs are designed to maximize sales, yield higher returns and mitigate risks, resulting in elevated results at every stage of the asset lifecycle from residential third-party sales (TPS) to newly foreclosed auctions to online REO disposition. Auction.com is also the nation’s leading provider of CWCOT auction services with a proven record of selling FHA assets quickly with no net costs to servicers

Auction.com delivers a foreclosure auction experience with a national footprint and innovative local approach that builds buyer interest, increases asset demand and drives competitive bidding. Our wide marketing reach draws interest to live auctions, educates buyers on auction strategies and provides property insights unsurpassed by any other real estate source.

Counter to traditional disposition methods, we have introduced an innovative program that transitions investor-grade properties the day after foreclosure sale and auctions them online in as few as 45 days. This program is uniquely positioned to match occupied properties to motivated buyers who will often pay a premium. This approach reduces the financial, operational and reputational risks of bringing unsold assets into inventory.

By leveraging our broad marketing reach, competitive bidding environment and pricing optimization models, we are unmatched in the ability to offer online auctions of bank-owned properties. For vacant properties ready for an owner-occupant or investor, our online platform significantly expands the market of potential buyers, enabling customers around the world to buy REO properties from anywhere, anytime.

Marketing Powerhouse

We create maximum exposure to your assets by combining digital empowerment with traditional, offline tactics. Our sophisticated marketing strategy not only shortens the time it takes to sell properties, it creates opportunities for both buyers and sellers. By leveraging digital and mobile technology along with data intelligence, we amplify the reach and exposure of assets on our platform and match them with the most qualified buyers.


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Auction Marketplace

Never before has there been an environment that attracts so many relevant buyers to interact with sellers in a place where insights and information are exchanged so fluidly. One that provides dynamic real-time updates and actionable insights into assets. Our marketplace encourages competitive bidding, driving interest and demand that delivers far higher net returns for sellers


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Data Intelligence & Insights

Our Auction marketplace is where billions of data points converge, providing intelligence and insight based on valuable proprietary data to give an unmatched, competitive advantage to our clients. Our data intelligence is anchored by Google-powered marketing analytics and 10 years of auction behavioral data – enriched by proprietary property data and buyers profiles – which are the drivers of the optimal asset pricing models, precise buyer targeting and ideal asset matching.

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mitigate risk

We support our clients’ mission to preserve and promote home ownership, which comes with inherent institutional risks. Our innovative approach is designed to deliver improved execution, reduced disposition timelines, higher sell-through-rates, and the ability to retain occupancy.

Going beyond traditional disposition offers an opportunity to mitigate financial risks by selling assets faster, resulting in higher net returns. By disposing of assets earlier through our alternative approach, our clients avoid spending capital on traditional home preservation and property management expenses.


Financial loss reduced
up to fifteen percent

Our proven process is faster and far more efficient than traditional disposition methods, allowing true operational optimization. By not having to manage large inventories of distressed properties, our clients can refocus on their core business of lending and servicing.


Operational variable expenses reduced
up to sixty percent

Our solution brings immediate reduction in regulatory risks. By removing the burden of taking in, managing, preserving, and selling large inventories of distressed properties, our clients benefit from less exposure to liability risks, compliance issues and housing regulation violations.


Inventory reduced
up to fifty percent

In alignment with our clients’ mission of preserving home ownership, we have created a marketplace with buyers competing to pay premium for occupied properties. The sale of these homes to investors for the purpose of renting back to occupants will allow our clients to avoid the human impact and reputational risks associated with evictions.


Seller evictions reduced up to one hundred percent

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